Why Recruiters Need to Stop Treating Employees Like Commodities

Bryan Wolbert

Near record-low unemployment has been great for the economy, but tough on hiring managers searching for skilled workers. Unfortunately, traditional recruitment and staffing agencies view candidates as commodities, failing to do more than provide piles of resumes in the hope one may stick.

Bryan Wolbert, Think COO and Head of Strategic Hiring, has a different approach— one that has helped Think consistently provide outstanding candidates for our clients. Candidates that not only perfectly fit the job requirements, but are ideally suited to thrive in the company’s culture and environment. It’s a process Bryan has developed and refined during his 15 years of hiring experience, and it continues to deliver dramatic results.

Bryan shared his process with the Baltimore Business Journal, discussing why the staffing industry needs to change its approach so hiring managers can spend more time deciding between great candidates, not simply selecting the best of the worst.

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