Think Systems Inc. Appoints Michael Binko Managing Director for Venture Services | Innovation | Ecosystems

Binko to Lead Expansion into Ecosystems Focused on Venture/Equity Capital Portfolios, Venture Development/Curation and Innovation/Entrepreneurship

Baltimore, MD, February 28, 2023– Think Systems Inc., a national management consulting firm that helps both the private and public sectors achieve operational excellence, announced today the appointment of Michael Binko as Managing Director for Venture Services | Innovation | Ecosystems.

In this new leadership role, Binko will refine, and drive Think services to support organizations and ecosystems concentrating on high-growth-minded entrepreneurs, lines-of-business, and innovative ventures.

“For two decades, Think has built a reputation for operational excellence helping relatively established organizations amplify their potential,” said Think CEO Tony Gruebl. “Binko will help us leverage our expertise and partnerships to build environments where emerging ventures and their support ecosystems have the resources and expertise they need to be successful and ultimately reinvest in the community that nurtured them.”

Binko brings a wealth of experience to Think Systems having spent decades in the technology sector and helping build venture capital, startup and entrepreneur communities across numerous industry sectors and innovation categories. A serial entrepreneur, active investor, and leadership mentor, Binko has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing both investors and leadership teams. Binko has a proven track record of helping technology companies scale and achieve success with primary concentration on attracting the right team to deliver revenue and profit at-scale.

“The moment is NOW to combine proven innovation and venture ecosystem models with Think expertise in operational excellence and human capital management,” Binko stated. “Dynamic teams motivated and measured by milestones and metrics of operational excellence are the DNA traits that make break-out ventures. These are the factors that savvy investors/acquirers, as well as corporate development teams, are actively seeking. Leveraging these ingredients and injecting them into innovative products/services allows businesses and investors to outperform their peers. These wins can be intentional and replicable which Think has proven at-scale with both early-stage and Fortune 500 brands,” Binko added.

Binko will collaborate with Gruebl and Think President of Commercial Services, Joe Poling, to pool expertise, resources, and partnerships to identify and engage with investment firms, ventures, and ecosystem support organizations. Together, they will leverage the company’s expertise to forge more efficient ecosystems that choose to refine innovation and inflect ventures.

“We are thrilled to welcome Binko to the Think Systems team,” said Poling. “His expertise leading and investing in the national startup community along with his direct experience helping companies scale present a valuable opportunity for Think to grow its own business while also helping our own customer ecosystem build stronger innovation-centered ventures and lines-of-business.”

From his formative years taking PSINet public on NASDAQ to the more recent part of his career when he cofounded the Startup Champions Network (SCN) and the Startup Maryland region of Startup America, Binko’s extensive career has enabled him to wear every operational hat within technology ventures at every stage of growth from bootstrap to exit/harvest. This helped him conceptualize the broader ecosystem ventures operate in and how successful startups reinvest in the system, creating what he calls a “virtuous cycle of ecosystem resiliency.”

“Particularly in challenging economic times, leaders who embrace operational excellence as a best-practice typically outperform competitors and, as a by-product, position themselves for significantly more upside when economic conditions improve,” said Binko. “I am looking forward to working with Joe, Tony, and the rest of the entire Think team to become the go-to experts for building strong ecosystems for innovation and high growth ventures.”

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