Projects Not Strategically Aligned

Projects Not Strategically Aligned Video

Great turn out for Think Systems, Inc. President, Strategic Project Manager, co-author of Bare Knuckled Project Management Tony Gruebl – Strategic PM Fixer as he spoke Monday at the Project Management Institute Baltimore Chapter meeting in Columbia. The topic: Projects Not Strategically Aligned Waste Time & Money!


But really 50% of them never do any kind of strategic prioritization. Myself I was listening the whole time, it was very important material and I think that’s the key It’s not just PMI material. I mean you could take care of my standards but at the end of the day was there benefit, was there alignment, was there success. I think that’s the most common denominator and the most important thing is in fact this topic. So yes it was a very  important, very engaging conversation. I got a lot out of it.