PM’s being displaced by Agile projects?

PM’s being displaced by Agile projects? Video

A word of advice from Think Systems VP and SPC4 Certified Agile Coach, Jeff Welch – Unshackling Project Mgmt Effectiveness – “Embrace Agile”. Here’s why:


Hey everybody, this is Jeff Welch with Think Systems. I have a message for any project managers out there that are being displaced by agile projects. Here’s the message embrace agile. Look there are a lot of ways you could describe agile. There’s like a two second definition that I like to use when I’m working with people and that is agile in general is just listening to your customers.  right so you’re a project manager you need to figure out how to do this. Listen find out exactly what they need and for goodness sake whatever you do avoiders waterfall and I’ll explain in a second.

We all know that on agile projects there is no role for a project manager that’s been a problem for a lot of people.  This is what we need to do is we. End to become more agile about how we think of our own roles on projects we need to inspect and adapt that’s agile. So, here’s the thing read the manifesto figure out how to modify that manifesto so that it works for you. Look you’re not delivering working code that’s one thing of the first things in the manifesto you have to find out how you can articulate your value on a project in terms of the manifesto that’s the first step. Then try this take the twelve principles of agile and rewrite those as well just run though the list and figure out how you can bring your value to a project rewrite the twelve principles or get rid of a few that they don’t really apply to you but know exactly how you’re going to map into an agile project.

Listen all the things that a good project manger does on a project still get done on projects. What you need to do is figure out how to transform your efforts into an agile environment. So, become the right hand of the product owner, I mean make yourself indispensable. Try to find a way to coach agile teams, try to find a way to maybe even preserve the agile mindset the lean agile mindset of projects. You know make sure nobody challenges that with waterfall-based planning, but that’s a surprise right. You can do it you just have to figure out how. Okay and here are a few things you do not want to do. Do not turn a daily scrum stand up into a status meeting, absolutely a bad idea. Don’t build big project plans, resist that urge if you want to build a project plan to transform yourself into an agile player go head and do that but don’t show it to anybody. I’m Jeff Welch, I’m a business executive a strategic project manager for my company and a SPC for certified agile coach. Check back again and I’ll tell you what I’m seeing that works and more importantly what isn’t working.