How important is Strategic Alignment in projects?

How important is Strategic Alignment in projects? Video

Think Systems, Inc President, Tony Gruebl – Strategic PM Fixer explains that it’s key, since utilizing strategic alignment will cut out projects that shouldn’t be done, saving your company BIG $$$


So, in Think and over at PMI we’ve been doing a lot of discussing about how important strategic alignment is in projects. It’s becoming obvious that aligning projects strategically saves a lot of money because you don’t wind up doing projects that shouldn’t be done. In large complex organizations there’s a frame work that exists for doing this to align strategy with the project management organization with PMO government governance all the way down to the project management level. In companies that are a hundred million dollars smaller there’s really no easy framework that exists. We’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that here at our company. Turns out that BKPM is a great way to align projects strategically and it fills that gap. In the next book we’re gonna blow that out, we’re gonna make that more of a more effective process for those companies in that sweet spot of a hundred million dollars and down.