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Thinking about making a big change? Moving locations? New IT System? Let us use our vast project management experience to assist your organization in making the transition as smooth as possible. Think Systems, Inc offers free consultations. Give us a call! Ed Mullin


So many times companies try to do things that they have no experience with and then bad thing happen. Say for example trying to pick out a brand new enterprise package to replace the one you have had for the last fifteen years. I will talk to business owners and they’ll say hey we are doing this thing and I’ll be like has anybody on your team ever done that before because it can be like moving your building. A million things that you didn’t think about and if you get one or two or three things wrong you maybe suddenly jeopardizing your customer satisfaction, your employee morale as well as your bottom line. Wouldn’t it be better to hire somebody to be your trail boss your mountain guide to get you though something that you’ve never done before. I always try to get people to at least sit down let’s talk about it, lets walk though our prior experience and see if you’ve got everything lined up. So if you do awesome but if you’re like 95% of the companies that I work with. If theses big projects go bad I really recommend you talk to somebody. Give me a call I would be happy to talk to you about it, e do free assessment all the time and we’d love to come in and we’re happy to give our opinions on what you should do next.