Cybersecurity in the Time of Disruption

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With more than half of the working population telecommuting your employees are easy targets for hackers. Cybersecurity experts with Think Systems warn that companies are more vulnerable than ever before.

More companies are undergoing a digital transformation, whether it be cloud, IT, or application transformation, and cybersecurity is a crucial component of this process. Any change made to the IT infrastructure is going to impact cybersecurity. We are experiencing a time where cybersecurity is moving so fast; in only a matter of months, what once worked to protect your information is now obsolete. Being able to continually evolve and understand cyber threats to adjust security control and security programs is required to mitigate risk adequately. This is the biggest challenge facing IT right now.

The typical company trains its workforce on best practices, but a leading company builds a cyber-resilient culture where the workforce not only detects cyber-attacks but develops a response. The key is taking a holistic approach with well-rounded information security individuals who can tackle governance, operations, and compliance.

With 43% of all attacks targeting small to mid-market organizations, these organizations must take threats seriously. Understanding the sometimes limited resources small to mid-market companies have, they will need to hire a candidate or train an existing resource to manage governance, operations, and compliance. The other option is to find a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who can provide strategic and tactical guidance in all three of these areas.

Think’s fractional cybersecurity advisory and operations management service has a strategic focus on virtual CISO, cyber program development, operations design and implementation, compliance design and execution, data protection and privacy, and incident response and preparedness. Our Executive Advisory team offers experience and insight pulled from leadership roles in some of the nation’s most well-respected companies. We can help if you find yourself in a quandary or want to assess your information security program’s strength.

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