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WBT Development for the US Air Force Senior Officer College


Government Services Division of a Global Provider of Information Management and Strategic Business Process Outsourcing Services


United States Air Force Air University Squadron Officer College

What we provided:

Think Systems’ partner was engaged by the US Air Force to develop and deliver an online curriculum of courses and Flash scenario-based assessments equivalent to 15 credit hours of Masters-level education, accreditable by the Southeastern Association for Colleges and Schools. Think Systems provided PM support with project planning, strategic project management and consulting, as well as on-going tactical guidance for this 2-year, multimillion dollar account.

The results:

Think assessed the situation, created a plan for project completion, and managed to it. Initial work involved creating a plan with the initial development team, reviewing specs, creating a process by which specs would be agreed to by technical resources, and agreeing to a timeline. Think worked with the client to review and create a fixed price contract with the prior consulting company for technical resources as a way to reduce risk. We provided project management, business analyst, and supplemental development resources and managed the entire project team, including the initial consulting company, additional Cognos resources, client internal resources, and our own team. The project was turned around, and useable, valuable reporting was delivered.

What the client said:

Think…“was a critical, invaluable asset to me at Vangent. I took over a project that was, in theory, 40% complete when the client wanted to revamp the requirements and almost start over, but without additional schedule or funding. Tony’s insight and analysis helped us identify a significant portion of work accomplished that could be salvaged and modified to fit the new objectives, and then continued to stay on top of all details. Most importantly Tony will tell you “No” when an idea won’t work, but will also offer the alternative that still gets you where you need to be. Tony will always be on my short list of “go to” people for tough projects.”

– Col. John E. O’Connor (USAF Ret.), former Vangent Project Manager

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