New Product Concept Deployed Through Website

Website development effort to turn a new product concept into a working model to make a positive impact in media accountability of education reform news


Non-profit Education Reform

What we provided:

Think Systems worked with this client to conceptualize and create the media bullpen, requirement documents, project plan, and budget. A solutions architect was employed to understand and create the process for handling articles based on customer needs and a way for them to manage a large number of articles related to education reform. Requirements were turned into a Spec document and a rapid vendor identification and selection process was created to select a primary vendor for the build.

The results:

Think was able to get a strategic new product initiative off the starting line and see it through to fruition. The solution designed was highly customized website developed in Expression Engine. Since successful deployment of the site, Think has continued to provide project management support for site enhancements to implement additional features and expand the product offering.

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